Pink Peugeot Neuilly 1989

Anna Chocola didn't need a bike but missed riding a bike. That Pink Peugeot came up on Gumtree for next to nothing, so I decided to buy it for as a present. It obviously didn't look as good as it does now but Anna loved it and I could see the bike's potential as a project and that the main parts were in a very good shape.

The previous owner didn't know much about bike mechanic, and like many others, stopped using the bike as soon as things started making noise or the gears stopped shifting properly.

I tried to find out more about the bike. This particular model, Neuilly, seems to be rare, which is always exciting but also mean that there's no info about it. By looking at the decals I could tell that the bike was from the late 80s, which would make my life easier in terms of parts (pre 1985 Peugeot bicycles still used French standards). The "splash" decals means the bike was build between 1988 and 1990. Further more, I found a sticker underneath the bottom bracket shell with a serial number and a model, P46L.

That 46 model was produced from 1975 to 1989! Even with all this information I cannot find the exact same model while going through catalogs at cyclepeugeot and peugeotshow websites. Peugeot produced lots of bikes, and apart from their leading models, they named some slightly differently for each markets. I'm assuming that this is a special edition or something. The bike geometry is what Peugeot called "demi-berceau" which mean "half-cot" or "half-cradle". It's not a race bike or light like a 531, but it's a smooth, confortable and relax ride. Exactly what you need to cruse on the sea front.

full bike
Peugeot Logo front rear light
decals details Bike back in full
rear hub rear derailleur crank

Upgrades & original parts

I kept everything except for the rear derailleur, the freewheel, tires, saddle, handle grip , cables, outer cables and cable guides. I cleaned, waxed, scrubbed and polished the rest. All chromed parts like wheels' rim and mudguards came out really well. Replacing the rear derailleur was a bit of a gamble.

The bike had an old Shimano Positron 2 derailleur, those were Shimano's first attempt to mass market index technology. It's ok but there was few things I wasn't convinced about. First of all, those derailleurs have the indexing system inside the derailleur instead of having it inside the shifter, so already this was a sign it would be difficult to maintain or service.

Then after doing some research I found out that the cable was a solid piece and not your usual cable. Finally, it's a pain to adjust, find replacement parts or fix and the outer cable was black and damaged.

I was determined to find an indexed derailleur that would look vintage and not cost an arm and a leg. After a little chat on my favourite bike forum, I decided to go for the Shimano light action and that was a perfect fit. All chromed, indexed, works beautifully and not expensive. The freewheel is a nice chromed Shimano that fit well with the look

Finding a good quality white saddle was also a challenge and the comfy city saddle was my only solution. The lights have a cool retro style but are actually modern led lights.

rear brake white saddle
front of the bike rear mudguard rim
front light neuilly logo HLE logo